Name change: get some AXE RAGE!

"Level 99" was the name we had decided more than 10 years ago, when we were just thinking about the possibility to actually make a videogame.

Now that we started working on it for real, we kept the name, but realized that it's absolutely unfriendly to search engines everywhere. There's enough stuff called "level 99" and its variants, and it's also a common term for lots of games, so there's little chance for recognition by having only that name.

That's why we decided for a subtitle! and in a whim, we went with AXE RAGE because to hell with subtlety! And to make it a smoother transition, we kept the "LVL99" as a title, and AxeRage as subtitle. Maybe we'll change it altogether later, or keep "lvl99" as the "franchise" title or something like that. 


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Just wow. It's fast, action packed and it looks damn good. Looking forward to the full game!