A brief story of this videogame

About U.O.M.U. (Union Of Master Uomu)

We're 3 friends who love videogames since the 80's, specially platformers and fighting games. We are also avid lovers of 80's movies, (crappy B-movies too) sci-fi, comics, old school Anime (Ninja scroll, Akira, DBZ), and overall classic-style nerds. We try to reflect that in what we do as well, of course.

Lately, we integrated a new member to help us out in the social management aspect, as we tend to talk very little about what we do, thus failing to get our work outside ourselves. We hope we find the right audience for the type of games we want to make, and we truly want people to go back to the SNES/ Genesis / Arcade era, and have fun with our games!

About LVL99: AxeRage

We wanted to make something of our own, mixing all the things we love from the era. Games like Megaman X, Castlevania, Super Metroid, Street fighter, Metal Slug, are our main inspirations! 
After several years of having concept art and ideas, one of us (Omegachaino) polished the first sprite we had (the main character running), our programmer (Don Brutalo) got his hands in Construct 2, I (ChoqueCop) started helping and ever since then we've just kept working until now.

We love the look and feel of 2D pixel platformer games, their precise control, fast-paced combat and straight-forward gameplay, and we wanted to reflect this in a game of our own. 
The game is action focused, with melee fighting involving combos, special moves, and quick reflexes.  

You also need platforming skills to traverse the terrain, discover secrets, and survive the hazardous apocalyptic scenarios of the game.  
Boss fights are diverse, with fast moving opponents that fight you one on one, and massive monsters that you'll need to climb to destroy.

Overall, we can safely say we're making this game into one we would've loved to play in our SNES or an Arcade back in the day!

Our current Status

 When we started the project, we wanted to re-live the feelings of old-school videogames, the difficulty of not being sure what to do and where to go, along with the satisfaction of figuring things out just by playing. 
The same process could be said of the development of the game and ourselves, as a team; where we just started working out of love for games, but without being 100% about what we're doing and how should we do it.

 We started with just engine tests and ideas, but slowly we kept making sprites, animations, designing stages and everything else; and suddenly we found ourselves working full time on LVL99, and loving every minute of it. The only downside is, of course, that we can't afford to do that indefinitely. 
Savings don't last forever, but there's still a lot to do. That's why at this point, we need to start looking for people who can enjoy LVL99 and the things that we want to represent inside the game, and ask sincerely for help.
 We will finish the game one way or another, but if we can keep working on itat a full-time rhythm, the result will be much better and much sooner. 

Finally, if you like what you've seen and played, please consider sharing our work, maybe supporting us in our campaigns, or just leaving a comment to let us know your feedback! all is appreciated, and we hope you have a great time playing.

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Hi guys, where to post feedback? Here or would you rather prefer email?

You can send your feedback to masteruomu@gmail.com! I'll put that up in the main page as well. Thanks for trying the game :)

Thanks for releasing the demo :)

Feedback sent.