Keyboard Support + Win 32 Update!

Time for the first update on the demo! There's the Windows 32bits version, and we also included keyboard support as requested by lots of people, although we still strongly recommend using a Joystick. This is because keyboards most commonly register up to only 3 or 4 simultaneous key presses, and that's not enough for some more advanced moves you'll need to perform.

In any case, using a keyboard should at least allow you to try the game to a very good extent!

Movement: Arrow Keys
Jump / Accept: Z key
Attack / Return: A key
Pet Attack: S key
Start / Pause: Spacebar

If you have a pc controller that's not compatible, you can also use a keybinder software (like to remap the keyboard keys to your controller. That should cover most of the possible issues on that regard!

We hope you can have a great time trying the game, and thanks for bearing with us!


win64 - Axe Rage v0.6.rar 70 MB
Sep 03, 2017
win32 - Axe Rage v0.6.rar 62 MB
Sep 03, 2017

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