WASD keyboard update + Continue screen

We have a new update!

We replaced the old "Game Over" screen with a Continue screen, so you can go back quicker from death to gameplay again!

We also changed the keyboard configuration to WASD controls.Xbox360 Controller is still the supported and recommended way to go, though!

  • Movement: WASD Keys
  • Jump / Accept: K key
  • Attack / Return: I key
  • Pet Attack: O key
  • Start / Pause: Spacebar

The next update should be customizable inputs, so if you're still uncomfortable with the layout or preferred using arrow keys, please have a little patience and we'll get you covered!

Also, don't forget to check the latest post about some of the special moves you have from the start!


win32 - AXE RAGE 0.7.rar 62 MB
Sep 06, 2017
win64 - AXE RAGE 0.7.rar 70 MB
Sep 06, 2017

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