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I have a generic XBox controller and was unable to use it for playing this game, I use it regularly to play with my Steam's game so not sure what was going on

GUESS WHOSE BACK! I decided to come back after so long to try and play again. And I actually  managed to progress! I can finally truly say that this game is a delight to play! The humor especially is great! Alongside all the mouth watering food descriptions!


You have a awesome idea going with LVL 99 Axe Rage! Its so awesome I made a video of the demo  to show it off. Hope you will enjoy It!


Hey!  My name is King  Zaerdric! I played this game over on my channel of the same name. And I have to say, I freaking loved this game, it plays well, it looks  really appealing, the enemies, all of it, I loved this! That said, I only got to the third screen... ANYWAY Enjoy! 

Hey! thanks for the gameplay video, glad you liked it so much! Hopefully you can get further on a next gameplay!

Who knows! MAYBE I WILL!!


Hey! I just wanna say a few words about my experience with this retro awesomeness.

First things first, AxeRage is a 2d platformer with 16-bit pixelated graphics. Its plot goes with its old predecessor's plot. There're lots of aliens and you're the one to deal with them and save all the humanity. I personally love that the devs follow this exact old-school trope. You finish your cigar, grab your trusty axe and drive off to smash invaders!

From the graphical standpoint, the game's gorgeous. Not only it replicate that retro feeling it also improves all the animations by adding more frames so it feels much nicer.

LVL99 also has these awesome old-school music bits to chop all enemies heads to.

AxeRage was obviously meant to be played with a gamepad but I used a keyboard instead since I've had troubles with a joystick and the game also supports a keyboard. It was a bit challenging since you can't really use all the attacks properly so it adds to a desire of button mash. So, a controller is hugely recommended.

All n' all, the game can't throw you into the rage mode as expected because contains pretty hard and divers enemies (They all also have awesome names :D)
Me personally I'm up to this challenge. I did a video playing if you want to see a real life reaction to the game:

woow! great write-up, man! Nice to see you could appreciate the retro tropes, and understand that difficulty goes hand-in-hand with these types of games :D Hope you can get to see other sections of the game on future playthroughs.


My only complaint is you don't get the fireman dog at the start! hahaha no but, really this a great game. Action packed platformer with a unique idea. Taking a fireman and, making him the hero! I've never seen that done before atleast not to my knowledge. It's awesome. The game is really smooth and, draws you in!

Thank you! And I think there were a couple SNES games with a fireman as main hero, but still they deserve more starring roles, for sure!

glad you enjoyed it so far, hope you can try getting to the cyber-section next time! ;)


Good art, great music, upgrades, and fighting off zombie alien hordes with an axe. You can definitely see the influences in action when playing this game, from the over the top fighting to the crazy looking enemies and the random and conveniently hidden food items strewn about. This is some good stuff and I'm eager to see what will be in the completed work.

Good job on this and good luck with your funding.

woow thanks a lot!! great review, and positive energy is what we need the most! :D We'll check the gameplay video now!


Decided to do a part 2 since the game was updated.

I managed to beat the boss, but I really feel like he could be toned down a little. Wow, was he a tough fight. Still, that aside, I like what you have going on in this. I've felt for a while that many modern games were being made too easy, so this does well to give the classic arcade game feeling and the challenge that goes with it.

haha awesome! we're really happy you appreciate the difficulty! It might need a little bit of balance of course, but we're glad you enjoyed it so far!

Great demo and love the expanded special moves! I might have missed it somehow or maybe I'm on an older demo but when playing on a 1080p screen the game only shows up in a smaller window. Its not running on "windowed" near as I can tell its just kind of like an extreme letterbox. Just FYI. 

1280x720 is the recommended resolution for windows!
You must change it in windows at the moment.

Got it. I'm playing on a windows handheld prototype and my current screen has no scaler so I'm stuck with 1080 and can't modify it. Its okay though still a fun demo, looking forward to the final game! :) 



(no offense towards the dev<3)

Great work on the video! Thanks a lot for trying the game, sorry for all the Rage! still, you did pretty well, and the next save room wasn't that far away :P


Awesome job man game looks really interesting.And i will want to know what software you used in animating for the game.

Thank you! We used mostly Clip Studio Paint, and Pyxel Edit!


Love the menu screen

Is that so? Thanks! what do you like about it?


Game is nice on the eyes and beautifully animated. Would be nice to have a few check points and tutorial in the beginning. Good job!

Thanks a lot! Although the game does have save points, but they're not abundant. We tried to go for a harder, more retro style of game where going from one checkpoint to the next was a struggle! ;)


Looks sweet, best of luck guys! 

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Thank you man! how's it going? :D


i love it



Great looking game. I can't seem to get the title screen menu to work at all. Mouse doesn't work, keyboard and controller do not work. WSAD or arrow keys.  I can't select anything either. Am I the only one with this problem?

Try d-pad...

Sure enough, you're right. There's no warning in the game that a controller is mandatory.

Sorry about the confusion! that requirement is in the README file!

Great that its in the readme file... but using the client it opens the .exe. Chances are people might still not read the readme.

So you can make all the incredible art, but not warn people at the beginning in game that yes a controller is required? Sorry all you PC people with only a keyboard.

Ah, we had no idea the client opened the .exe directly. We added the warning to the page and download window as well. The issue is, the game requires multiple key inputs simultaneously at certain times, and most keyboards don't support that. That's why a controller is required.

In any case, we're currently looking into keyboard support!